Have a look at some of our recent feedback to see why you should choose Imber Court Photo Training.

1. How effective were the pre- course instructions with regard to: – course information, course content, timings etc?
2. How well organised was the course in terms of administration, equipment and planning?
A perfect balance of the structure required to cover everything, but with room for flexibility to explore particular interests/questions.
3. How competent, proficient, motivated and enthusiastic were the trainer(s)?
Both Ashley and David are highly talented professional photographers who have the skill of being able to put themselves back into the mind of a complete beginner. Their passion for photography is always apparent. From the outset, Ashley was equally happy to explain very basic points such as how to adjust our viewfinders as he was to find different ways of illustrating the more complicated concepts.

4. How well did the course meet its stated aims and objectives?
Very well. See below
5. With regard to your personal expectations how would you rate the course, were the appropriate subjects covered and did the depth of coverage meet your needs at your present stage of learning?
Before taking the course, I had spent 18 months stuck on Auto, taking very poor photographs with a very good camera. I therefore knew that I had a lot to learn and was quite apprehensive about whether I would be able to absorb it all in 3 days. Thanks to Ashley’s excellent teaching, I came away feeling confident about previously terrifying subjects such as aperture and shutter speed, but I’d also learned so many things that I didn’t even know I didn’t know! I think the biggest surprise for me was that I came away feeling no longer intimidated by all the buttons on the camera.
Above all, it was a really enjoyable 3 days.
6. Was the accommodation used suitable for the purpose in relation to temperature, seating lighting and toilets?
Imber Court was perfect as it had everything we needed indoors (the cafe downstairs means you don’t have to bother making a packed lunch) as well as the advantage of the gardens to practise in outdoors.
7. Please use the box below for any other comments you may have regarding your recent training.
A great course for a beginner who’s nervous of the camera and hopeless at understanding the manual.