Photography for beginners – a comprehensive one day workshop

Photography for beginners - a comprehensive one day workshop
Photography for beginners – a comprehensive one day workshop

Photography for beginners – a comprehensive one day workshop


Welcome to Imber Court Photo Training, where our offer transformative and comprehensive one day workshop for beginners. Our aim is to empower individuals to move beyond automatic settings on their DSLR or mirrorless cameras, providing a deep understanding of various camera settings. Led by Ashley Gardner, a seasoned professional trainer and photographer with over 35 years of experience, our workshops promise a blend of theory, practical application, and post-processing skills.

Unraveling Camera Settings

Our photography course for beginners kicks off in the classroom, where participants receive clear explanations and examples illustrating the importance of different camera settings. Ashley guides attendees individually through their cameras, ensuring a hands-on understanding of each setting. The day then transitions outdoors, allowing participants to apply their newfound knowledge in the stunning landscapes of Painshill Park and Chichester Harbour.

Camera Settings Mastery:

  • Shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, and exposure compensation.
  • Practical application in various scenarios.
  • Basic Editing Techniques:
  • Introduction to essential post-processing skills.
  • Downloading and backing up images.

Instructor Expertise

Ashley Gardner, our proficient trainer and photographer, brings decades of experience to the table. Imber Court Photo Training is proud to be a member of the Trading Standards Buy with Confidence scheme, boasting consistently excellent feedback.

Practical Details

  • Accessibility:
  • No age restrictions; wheelchair-friendly locations.
  • Maximum of 8 attendees per class.
  • Locations:
  • Beautiful landscapes, folies, and wildlife.
  • Seascapes, wildlife, and boats.

Post-Course Support

  • Feedback and Advice:
  • Email your images post-course for personalised feedback from Ashley.
  • Ongoing support for photography queries.
  • Buying advice

Course Conclusion

At the end of the day, participants gain practical skills, a deeper understanding of their cameras, and the ability to create stunning images. Each attendee receives comprehensive notes for future reference, and a certificate of attendance is issued upon request.

Booking Information

The cost of this comprehensive course is £95.00. Secure your spot by booking online at, or contact Ashley directly on 07703196114 or via email at

Embark on this journey to unlock your photography potential – book your place today!

Ashley Gardner Course Trainer