Beginners Photography Course – 1 Day Chichester Harbour West Sussex


A beginners comprehensive photography course at Chichester Harbour

Beginner’s Photography Courses at Chichester Harbour – Unlock Your Photography Potential

Are you eager to explore the world of photography but unsure where to start? Immerse yourself in the art of photography with our specially crafted beginner’s photography courses at Chichester Harbour.

Our Chichester Harbour beginner’s photography course caters to individuals who have recently acquired a DSLR or mirrorless camera or have been using these devices on automatic settings. Nestled in the picturesque Chichester Harbour, West Sussex, our courses provide a friendly, easy-to-understand learning environment in plain English. Benefit from a blend of engaging classroom sessions and hands-on practical experiences against the stunning backdrop of Chichester Harbour.

Guided by our experienced trainer, Ashley, you’ll gain insights through simple explanations of various camera settings, focusing on crucial elements like shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. Learn to master these fundamental controls, crucial for capturing remarkable photographs.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Shutter Speed: Capture or freeze motion in your images.
  • Aperture: Choose whether your image background is sharp or blurred.
  • ISO: Understand the sensitivity of your camera’s sensor for diverse lighting conditions.
  • Composition: Learn the basics of how to compose your photographs.
  • Download & Edit images: Transfer your images onto a computer and some basic editing skills using software.

Our comprehensive beginner’s course extends beyond camera controls, covering essential aspects of composition, lighting, and insights into different lenses. This knowledge proves invaluable when considering future equipment purchases.

Furthermore, our course delves into post-processing techniques using tools like Photoshop or Lightroom. Enhance your images and ensure they look their best before sharing with others.


  • Practical Skills: Acquire hands-on experience for real-world applications.
  • Camera Mastery: Gain a deeper understanding of your camera’s capabilities.
  • Stunning Images: Develop the ability to create visually appealing photographs.

Upon completion, each participant receives comprehensive notes for future reference, and a certificate of attendance is available upon request.

Investment in Your Skills: The cost of this comprehensive course is £95.00. Secure your spot by booking online, or contact Ashley directly at 07703196114 or via email at

Embark on this enriching journey to unlock your photography potential – book your place today!


June 2024

Saturday 29th





DSLR cameras &  mirror-less cameras

Ashley Gardner


Chichester Yacht Club, Chichester Harbour

No previous knowledge required for this course.



Beginners Photography Course – Chichester West Sussex

Imber Court Photo Training deliver our 1 day beginners photography courses at Chichester, West Sussex at Chichester Yacht Club located in the beautiful Chichester Harbour. We are members of the UK Trading Standards Buy with Confidence scheme. Our feedback is always excellent! All of our photography courses are delivered in a friendly, relaxed environment with everything explained in plain English.

Our photography courses at Chichester, West Sussex have been designed for photographers from complete novices and those who have had their camera for some time and require help to use the manual camera settings and are looking to improve their photographic skills and techniques. Our Beginners Photography Courses are an excellent starting place and will teach you the basics and help you build the foundations to become excellent photographers in the future. At Imber Court Photo Training we believe there are three key elements that you need to understand and master to start taking great photographs. Your photographs need to be technically correct; this means you have used and understand the correct camera settings to capture the shot. Secondly your images need to be well composed and finally they need to contain an element of emotion! We can teach you the first two elements, but the emotion part comes with experience and lots of practice! Basically it’s all about being in the right place at the right time in the right lighting conditions and knowing what to do to capture that moment in time!

If you are currently shooting on the fully automatic modes and find the manual camera settings a mystery, your creative abilities are extremely restricted. We will show you how to take control of the aperture and shutter speed which are both vitally essential to make your images stand out from the crowd. You will also look at ISO, white balance and exposure compensation, composition of a photograph and some basic editing, amongst many other subjects.

Our track record on delivering beginners photography courses is outstanding. If you have just purchased your camera or have had a camera for some time and are keen to start achieving better results, then our Beginners Photography Courses at Chichester, West Sussex along with our expert guidance will inspire and guide you to develop a passion for photography.

All our photography courses are delivered by Ashley Gardner, a professional photographer and professional trainer with many years of photographic experience, who set up the company in 2009.

Ashley will show you how to achieve the key elements required to start capturing wonderful images. Once you have mastered the key elements you will have acquired the skills to start capturing great images with your DSLR or Mirrorless camera.

Below is some feedback that previous clients have sent about or 1 Day Photography Course at Chichester West Sussex: All of our Trading Standards Buy with Confidence Scheme feedback can be found here: 

I’ve dabbled with photography for some years, attended camera clubs and was even married to a photographer but no one has succeeded in explaining ISO’s, F-stops, apertures, shutter speeds in a way that made any sense to me until now. Ashley was so relaxed, listened to me and obviously got a very good handle on where I was knowledge wise and explained things in a way that made sense. He completely demystified it, encouraged me to experiment, provided relaxed learning opportunities and left me enthused and confident enough to continue my learning journey on my own. I can’t recommend Ashley enough, best photographic training out there I reckon.

Beginners Photography Course with Ashley at Chichester Yacht Club on. Thoroughly excellent day! Learnt a lot of new stuff about switching the camera off from ‘Auto’ mode and experimenting with Shutter priority and Aperture priority shooting modes instead. This course starts with the basics and builds from there and Ashley is good at making it all make sense, (which is just what me and my wife Denise needed). Really do recommend this course. The course was well presented and received lots of helpful advice and tips. The course was explained professionally and explained in easy to understand terms. I would recommend this course for anybody wishing to learn how to use all functions all your camera. Lots to take away and put into practice. Will look at booking a night course in the future. Thanks to Ashely for a great worthwhile day.

Ashley is a brilliant trainer, his obvious love of cameras and photography showing throughout the day.  His knowledge of the subject and cameras is quite remarkable. He was very keen to help everyone and also motivate us all to go away and never use Auto again!

The day most definitely met objectives and aims for me.  I came away feeling that I wanted to do more and was certainly inspired on the day to experiment.  I came away with some lovely photos.

I thought that the course was absolutely brilliant for beginners – any more content and it would have been too much to take in.  Ashley is a very good teacher with great patience who is able to put students at ease, free to ask any questions at any point in the day without feeling embarrassed at their lack of knowledge.

Excellent – the day ran very smoothly with the correct balance of theoretical and practical learning. Ashley even let me practice using his Nikon camera which was more similar to another SLR that I had waiting for me at home so that I would be able to understand how to use that one as well as the camera I brought with me to the course. Not to mention the very generous gift of batteries when mine ran out!

Cannot rate Ashley highly enough. I was engaged throughout the day and found Ashley to be all of the above. He is a very good teacher!

Ashley was enthusiastic, engaging, and informative. Everything you need in a teacher. Thanks for a really great day. It was my first ever whole day away from my one year old, so although at times I may have seemed distracted, I had such an enjoyable day – thank you!



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