Improve your Photography skills in this area of outstanding natural beauty: Our 2 Day Improvers photography course; an Immersive Photography Course based in Chichester, West Sussex and the South Downs National Park.

Are you a photographer seeking to elevate your craft amidst stunning natural landscapes? Look no further! Join us for an exhilarating 2 day Improvers Photography Course set amidst the picturesque beauty of Chichester Harbour, West Sussex and the South Downs National Park. This exclusive program is meticulously designed for photographers eager to enhance their skills in capturing landscapes, seascapes, wildlife, and beyond.

From the serene Chichester Harbour to the majestic South Downs National Park, our course is a dynamic exploration of diverse environments, offering an abundance of subjects to capture. Imagine the breathtaking coastline, the tranquil harbours alive with boats, the rolling hills of the South Downs, and the vibrant wildlife nestled within.

Led by Ashley Gardner, a seasoned photography expert, this 2 day improvers photography course caters to all skill levels. Whether you’re a novice looking to grasp the basics or an enthusiast seeking advanced techniques, our program is tailored to refine your artistry. Through engaging workshops, hands-on sessions, and personalised guidance, you’ll learn the nuances of composition, lighting, exposure, and storytelling in photography.

Theory comes to life as we embark on field trips to iconic locations. Capture the golden hour as it bathes the landscapes in a warm glow, freeze the motion of wildlife in their natural habitats, and frame the dynamic interplay between land and sea. Our outdoor classroom provides the perfect canvas for honing your craft.

Explore a myriad of photography genres, from the sweeping vistas of landscapes to the intimate details of macro photography. Engage with the ebb and flow of the tides, seek inspiration in the rich biodiversity, and master the art of composing visually captivating images in any setting.

Unlock the potential of your lens and immerse yourself in the raw beauty of Chichester’s natural wonders. This 2 day Improvers Photography Course is an opportunity to sharpen your skills, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and create captivating visual narratives under the guidance of experienced mentor.

Spaces are limited, so secure your place now and embark on a transformative journey through the lens! Join us in Chichester, where every snapshot is a masterpiece waiting to be captured.

Chichester Harbour Photography Courses


MAY 2024

Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th May

COST £245.00

Ashley Gardner



Chichester Harbour and South Downs National Park

A digital camera, a tripod, cable release, and a Polarising Filter

Some basic previous knowledge is required for this course and its ideal for anyone that has completed one of our Beginners Courses.

Times are 9.30am to 4.30pm

Free parking

By arrangement

Transport will be provided during this course.


Our ’Improver’s Photography Course’ has been designed for photographers who understand the basics and are looking at improving their photography skills. A practical 2 days spent taking images in some beautiful locations.

An opportunity to spend 2 days in the company of Ashley our  professional photography trainer, on a wholly practical two days in the beautiful surroundings of Chichester Harbour and the South Downs. We have sought out a number of exceptional locations in this area where you will be taken and shown and assisted in capturing a selection of stunning images. You will have the opportunity of photographing landscapes, seascapes, sunsets, great panoramic’s , water sports and wildlife amongst other subjects.

This workshop is ideal for those of you who have completed one of our Beginners Courses / Evening Classes or anyone with a basic understanding of photographic theory looking to gain practical experience. Our trainers will be on hand throughout the 2 days to offer help and advice along with tuition where necessary. The course starts at Chichester Yacht Club which is located on the edge of the harbour between Chichester Marina and Birdham Pool Marina in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Transport is provided each day from our Chichester Harbour base.


Ashley provided a very informative, relaxed, fun weekend on improving your photography skills. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend and came away with a greater understanding of my camera and lots of enthusiasm. I would highly recommend this weekend to anyone wanting to take their photography to the next level.


This is the third course I have attended with this company and definitely not the last. Ashley is extremely knowledgeable and excellent at coaching you to achieve great results. They make you feel comfortable and relaxed which makes this a great experience. They provided an excellent range of photo opportunities to help us develop our skills and were always on hand to provide support and ideas. The group was a nice size and all at the same stage which meant you could get the most from the time available.



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